Direct Digital Manufacturing

Tenco DDM is a service provider of Direct Digital Manufacturing Services (DDM).

Direct Digital Manufacturing refers to the use of production technologies to directly produce final products or components from digital designs, bypassing traditional manufacturing steps such as tooling and prototyping.

Our core expertise in 3D printing (a.k.a. Additive Manufacturing) and knowledge of additional production techniques offers true value to the supply chain of our customers.

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The leading edge

Tenco has been a long-term partner of the Belgian Solar team. Our knowlegde, techniques and technical materials make it possible to produce parts in very low numbers and have the optical properties to meet the very strict requirements for road safety and performance. At the same time, their complex shape gives this team a leading edge to become world champion.


Machine designers and builders

People designing and building machines have to work on ever tighter budgets. Therefore, innovation is paramount. We combine multiple materials and techniques to optimize the design and thus reduce weight and costs.

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Medical devices

With our low-volume production capabilities, Tenco DDM is the perfect partner for medical device companies. Our solutions include housings and accessories, which we finish with certified coatings to make them suitable for the demanding environments these parts are used in.​.

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Jigs and tools

Manufacturing precision and efficiency are key when you need to increase the quality of your product or produce higher volumes. To ensure stable processes, we design and produce jigs and aids that will help you.

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Innovative projects

Tell us what you need and we’ll do the rest. We make the combination of plastics, composites and metals work for you.

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